Mobile advertising posters

We have an extensive fleet of promotional vehicles available for you. Operated by one of our "promo people", these can be used for your advertising campaign for a minimum of one day and one vehicle.

Depending the project, it may be necessary to use more than one vehicle: simultaneously at one or more locations. Even nation wide campaigns are possible. The additional logistic requirements are one of our specialties.
Are you planning on collaborating for several months? Long-term campaigns are our strong point. Your promotional materials will be stored, a permanent team (hostesses and promo boys) will be made available, as well as your choice of promotional tools and personalized vehicles.

We offer you an all-inclusive deal; everything is taken care of from A to Z; everything under one roof... without the added cost; on the contrary: you gain time, flexibility, optimal communication and you save on your budget. We are responsible for drawing up the concept, design, print, creation, staff, insurance, licenses, inspection, planning, routing, stock management, storage, distribution, handling, reporting, ...

Promo People

Hostesses and promo boys, street teams, promo teams, promo crew, flyer teams, roller bladers, ... Whatever you want to call it: "Your brand is our work"! With its 33 years of experience, IPC is most likely one of the most mature and most experienced competitors in the market. We at IPC understand all too well what promotional work entails: our employees are your brand's ambassadors.

Storage, distribution and management of your promotional materials

All your promotional materials; for short-term campaigns as well as long-term assignments, can be stored by IPC. We are responsible for the complete distribution and management of the campaign according to your specifications.

Brand activation, street marketing and field support

It goes without saying that thanks to the combination of the previously mentioned tools and our extensive experience that we are the ideal partner for brand activation, street marketing and field support. We love our job, we adore your brand!

Blue Earth Label
Blue Earth Label Logo

IPC offers you as an advertiser the opportunity to execute your campaign in a very environmentally friendly way; this is an advantage for "our planet", your image, and our fellow human beings. At this day and age that everyone is focused on the environment and traffic; we as a promo partner must do our share.

"Eco-friendly promotion tools"
Zero Emission Logo

IPC chooses only to use environmentally friendly materials: all our vehicles are very recent and in excellent condition; and have a minimal CO² emission. Our fleet has the lowest CO² emission in the sector: modern, light engines, electrical vehicles (charged with "green" electricity), and even motorized by manpower!

"Traffic space-saving solutions"
Traffic Space Logo

The promotional vehicles that are used have a compact design; they do not hinder traffic and create a considerate image for your brand. Do these smaller vehicles have less impact? No! Thanks to their striking appearance; "unusual in the street scene", your brand will not be overlooked. Further, our vehicles have an important advantage: they can be used right "in the middle" of your target group: a busy city center, in a car free zone, in a stadium, on the boardwalk at the seaside, right by the F1/F2 entrance; even indoors! LESS IS MORE!

Recycle Logo

Our employees make sure that every time we leave a location it is left clean and tidy. After a sampling campaign, we make sure that litter with "your brand" on it is not left behind. This also applies for the warehouse where after the campaign your promotional materials are recycled and disposed of properly.