The Publiscooters can be used both locally (for the opening of a store for example) and nation wide (all over the entire country). As market leader and designer, IPC has over 50 Publiscooters, as well as the logistics to simultaneously distribute these in several regions. Copied worldwide: only IPC has 33 years of experience in this segment! These vehicles can be used for longer distances. The surface of the advertising panel is 2m²; this can be compared to an abribusposter (ex JC Decaux).

  • By default, the vehicles are operational from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Adjustments of the schedules are possible upon request.
  • Personalized clothing is an absolute added value to your campaign.
  • Special constructions and or complete branding are possible.
  • The vehicles are equipped with stock capacity.
  • Entirely new fleet with minimal CO² emission.

Maximal impact: combination of 3 vehicles that ride together.

Very Low Emission LogoA very low CO² emission!

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