Whether you choose local, mobile, advertising, a nation wide campaign or a specific sampling campaign; besides the required expertise, IPC has a wide range of employees and advertising means; which can be used for a product launch, promotions, an open-house, dealer campaigns, trade fairs, events, image campaigns, F1/F2 distribution, beach campaigns, openings, animation-, tasting- or sampling campaigns, an addition to a media campaign, etc ...

Can be implemented in cities, shopping malls, sport stadiums, road-side at competitions, by a dealers net, F1/F2, at public markets, at beaches, in the vicinity of a trade fair, amusement parks, main streets, or even at the homes of your target group: "door-to-door".

Flexibility and capacity. We are at your disposal, whether it's a one-day campaign, long-term campaign or repetitive campaigns. Quantity? IPC exclusively has a fleet of vehicles of this kind at its disposal. Two, three, ..., forty or fifty vehicles? Not a problem. IPC guarantees the successful realization of your campaign.

The right message at the right time
We offer an extraordinary medium, which is professional and very sophisticated. The skilful and neat teams drive swiftly and noticeably through busy traffic.

At the center of your target group, either at a store or a busy shopping mall they stop. The ideal place to create high quality contact with your target group.

A likable medium with unique possibilities
With it's advertisement poster campaigns, IPC puts a stop to classic advertising problems: no uncovered zones, no long reservation periods, no more spending fortunes on low viewer ratings and foremost, a professional campaign is no longer out of reach.